Mother's Day Special

"Jar of Hearts" - Mascarpone semifreddo, strawberry sorbet sphere, baked meringue, strawberry coulis and dark chocolate soil.

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A Destination

Looking at our unassuming display you may go away feeling appreciated that we have conscientiously prepared a pan of flavor for everyone. We believe gelato is not just for the young ones but for all people! Because everyone deserves to  be happy!

The trademark of Milk and Honey gelato offers not just rich and punchy flavors but also well calibrated texture, body and aftertaste. We meticulously craft each and every batch of gelato with our customers' interests in our hearts. Afterall, for us, is all about:

"Bringing People Closer Through Life's Simple Pleasures"

We are unashamed nor apologetic but thoroughly earnest in striving to produce the best gelato right in the heart of the heartlands of our sunny-filled city state, because we believe all people deserve nothing less than the best at an affordable rate!

Handmade Artisanal Gelato

Freshly made gelato today. Tomorrow too.

Freshly Brewed Coffee

Finest coffee brewed using Yahava KoffeeWorks' beans.

Crispy Waffles

Artisanally crafted waffle that pairs magically with our gelato & maple syrup.